At a Glance

To date, the companies in Upaya's investment portfolio have created 10,559 jobs for the poorest of the poor. 

We work with our partner entrepreneurs to collect and analyze over 25 social metrics on their employees. This allows us to ensure that the jobholders are making progress out of extreme poverty.


Measuring Our Impact


How we Analyze Change

All of our analysis is supported by a combination of industry-endorsed statistical tools and tailored indicators that allow for a data-driven assessment of social outcomes.


How we Define a Job

We define a job as a predictable relationship with an enterprise that is available for more than half the year and leads to access to economic improvement necessary to rise above extreme poverty.

Success Stories

Read the stories of the jobholders whose lives are being transformed through your contribution to Upaya.

Past Reports


Our portfolio companies are firmly committed to collecting social metrics on their job holders and ensuring they are making progress out of extreme poverty.

Upaya publishes partner-specific and portfolio-level data reports on key indicators like Food Security, Housing Quality, Household Asset Value, and Children’s Education. 

Through these reports readers can track not just an increase in income, but also the secondary benefits for job holders and their families.

Kate Cochran and Sachi Shenoy shared the latest updates on our portfolio and jobholder metrics at the Breakfast Briefing on July 20, 2018. View the presentation and reports here.

 Click to view our latest report: 2017 Annual Social Performance

Click to view our latest report: 2017 Annual Social Performance

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